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Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Program in Community Public Health, Santiago, Dominican Republic

Welcome to Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, home to CIEE’s Summer Community Public Health program, a two-month focus on health and well being in this vibrant developing nation. CIEE’s Community Public Health Program offers its students a special opportunity to mix learning about Caribbean and Dominican culture and customs with working alongside community members in various settings, experiencing and confronting the everyday challenges that Dominicans face, and contributing towards the ultimate goal of affording everyone the opportunity to live healthy and happy lives. In this manner, students both learn from their host culture and leave their positive imprint upon that culture.


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This is motivating

thank you for this.

Health is KEY!

Very informative.

You are doing a nice job,keep it up.

Will visit soon. Thank you for information

Powerful information there, i love the enthusiasm.... putting the youth in the front line during decision making will always bear good fruits.

Good instrumentation

Great article.

Very informative.Thanks for sharing

Useful information. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for information

nice article!

This is a unique piece of work. Thanks for sharing

really good information

nice venture in public health

Thanks for sharing.

great work......really impressive

That's a great program that will expose the recipients to appreciate diversity

Wonderful program

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