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Fiesta de Despedida

Our 19 students dressed to impress at their going away party The program officially ended July 20th, and the going away party despedida was held on the 17th. This was a chance for students to have a final night together with everyone who accompanied them during their time here, including host families, professors, health promoters, PUCMM support students, and PUCMM and CIEE administrative staff.

CIEE's Melba and David showing off their merengue skillsThe party, organized by José and the students, was a huge success, and included plenty of dancing, reminiscing, slideshows, good food, and many heartfelt thank-yous by a group of CIEE students.   This group will be missed, but we all know that they are on to some big things in life, and we have a feeling a good number of them will be back for a visit sometime soon. 



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Seems the group had a great time

Good exposure for students

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